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The Sea's A Calling


A film by Callum Scott-Dyson


Cinematography and Colour by Tom Majerski



(Video footage not yet available)

Better Bathrooms - April Showers

National TV Advert


Colour Grading: Tom Majerski


Director: James Kennedy

DP: James Oldham



Closer / Morning, Noon and Night


A short film by Katherine Canty



Cinematography and Colour by Tom Majerski



(Video footage not yet available)

Captured Around the World - Andrea Zapp Fashion.


A promotional Fashion film to launch a new Fashion Label.


Directed by Shahrokh Na'el

Cinematography and Colour by Tom Majerski


(Video footage not yet available)


Making Music With Nineteen Tones


A documentary about 19ET for Professor Graham Hair.


A Documentary Film by

Tom Majerski


Presented by

Professor Graham Hair




(Video footage not yet available)

Anthony Tarr serves his queen and his country and has dedicated his life to his work. He lives in a nice home, is well paid and gets to sleep comfortably each night knowing he helps to protect the country he loves. He is the very model of a true patriot and a loyal soldier."

Tenure is a film about Patriotism and loyalty. It is a modern re-interpretation of the ancient Arabian story of Antar.


Filmmaker: Tom Majerski

Production Assistants: Adam Parrott & Natalie Giannikitzakis

Original Music: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Music performed by:RFCM Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Dr.Keith J.Salmon

Additional Music by: Tom Majerski

Starring: Terry Naylor



Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Second Symphony (Antar)

Licensed for usage within this film.

music performed by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra

conducted by Dr.Keith J.Salmon -



A Brief look at the past and present of the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester / UK


Director - Connor Elliott

Cinematography/Lighting - Tom Majerski

Editor/Sound - Matt Frost

Special Thanks to the staff at the Royal Exchange Theatre


Everyone in my immediate family likes to run and compete in national races. I am the only member of the family that does not. I have used this situation as a vehicle to analyse my position in the family and also the perception my family has on me, and to also investigate exactly why so many of us run.



Anthony Majerski

Laura Majerski

Lucy Majerski

Katie Majerski

Tom Majerski

David Yazdi

Natalie Giannikitzakis


Conditio Humana is a film which explores the human body from its birth, development, nourishment, rest and finally death. The fluttering potential for life bursts into existence and we see the human machine born clean into the world. As the body exists it processes nourishment into waste. The body is asleep and then is awake. Tactile sensations to reaffirm reality and sensory stimulus to learn and feel. The cycle of existence soon falls foul to the cycle of life, the inevitable death, the burning out of the machine, the final sleep. This is the Human Condition. Director :Francesca Ali MirzaDirector of Photography :Thomas MajerskiSound Design: Michael HarrisEditor: Daniel Orwin  

"What is the most you are able to do for someone you love? Are you able to show mercy and end someone's suffering, even when it means you can be punished by the law? Take Care tells a story about a man with a terminal illness, suffering each day in pain and misery. His wife, now his carer, must overcome her own feelings and emotions and concerns for her future in order to selflessly show mercy, and take real care of her husband." Starring: Graham  C. Steeden & Laura Majerski