I am available for hire for the following jobs:


 - Cinematography - using DSLR's to Raw Cinema Cameras

 - Digital Colour Correction - Using the very latest full version of Davinci Resolve

 - BTS Photography - Using a top end DSLR and extensive set of lenses

 - Post Production and Post Production Consultation - Years of experience and technical expertise

 - Product Reviewing or Promoting - Such as with Alphatron/Camrade

 - Album Art work - Have worked for big and small names in the industry

 - Music video Production - Live shoots or scripted

 - Documentary Production - From historical to academic



Video projects can be finished to any standard ranging from SD, HD, 2k (cinema) and will be filmed using the latest Cinema Camera equipment.


Because of my policy of owning most of my own equipment, I can reduce my fee because of no rental fees. This gives you better value for money and reliability on a project.


I am based in Manchester, UK but depending on the job have done work for many different clients world wide.


One important aspect to consider is that I offer a huge range of prices for jobs depending on what the client can afford, and what the client wants. I am always willing to negotiate and advise you on  how to get the most for your money.


Contact me today to discuss what you have in mind - even if its just in its early stages.



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